The history of Miami Springs is intertwined with the history of aviation in South Florida.

Glenn Curtiss MansionGlenn H. Curtiss thought the area desirable for starting a flying school in 1916 with his partner, James Bright. Together they purchased 17,000 acres of scrub and pasture land that years later would become Miami Springs, Hialeah, and Opa-Locka.

The Springs was always intended to be a residential community, originally known as Country Club Estates. In 1926, when the first mayor and council were elected, there were a total of 128 residences. Many pioneers were employed by the Seaboard and Florida Coast Railroads whose yards were adjacent to the city.

Glenn Curtiss was instrumental in developing the airport to the south and as the airport grew, so did Miami Springs. Pan Am’s famous overseas “Clipper” flights originated southeast of the city until moving later to Coconut Grove’s Dinner Key.

In the midst of the remarkable growth of the aviation industry, much of Curtiss’ careful planning constraints are visible today and continue to influence the Springs character and commitment to green areas and orderly growth.

Source: Miami Springs Chamber of Commerce