FPL Outage Update Miami Springs

FPL Outage Update Miami Springs

To be very clear: We are incredibly grateful and appreciative to the hard working FPL crews and out of state line crews working extra hard to restore power to our community.

Some FPL bigwigs (not the hard working linemen) had made a promise chronicled in the Herald article below that the east coast would be fully restored by Sunday.

LINK TO HERALD ARTICLE: http://www.miamiherald.com/…/hurricane/article173294026.html

I had shared that promise with all of you throughout the week. I updated everyone with the county numbers and the incredible progress the FPL crews had made. This is the fastest restoration ever considering the incredible hit the whole state took.

But I was disappointed, not in the hard working linemen, but in the fact that many of you were counting on having your power on today. FPL’s current deadline states they will have power back to all by Tuesday.

Again, the linemen have been working their rear ends off. I personally saw an out of state crew working in the South Florida heat they’re not used. They were very kind and we were very appreciative to see them. We gave them ice cold water which they were happy to receive on an incredibly hot and sunny Saturday.

The promise was not made by the linemen, but by the FPL bigwigs. And that’s what we’re disappointed with.


 – Sunday night 330 Customers without power.

 – Monday 8am 180 Customers without power.

Let’s finish strong!


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