City Approves Design for Senior Center

City Approves Design for Senior Center

The City of Miami Springs City Council approved a proposed design for new Senior Center during Monday night’s council meeting  (April 9, 2018).

The new layout includes a new parking lot on the west side, pushing the larger building further east and over where the new tot lot was constructed.  The city will attempt to re-use most, if not all of the new tot-lot assets and will have to deconstruct and then reconstruct the playground so that it’s laid out in a north south fashion instead of the current east west layout.

The covered picnic tables which are currently used to rent out for parties and gatherings will be removed.  The Senior Center’s covered terrace, which faces the tot lot, will be available for rentals.

According to the City Manager, William Alonso, the City will relocate seniors during the construction period to another facility (yet to be determined) for their meals and services since the current facility will be demolished.

Below, you’ll find a proposed layout of the new Senior Center.  The building takes up the middle of Prince Field park area south of the ball field.  A new parking lot with 13 parking spaces, two entries, and small 2 lane road are added on the east side.   

Further below, you can see a satellite view of the existing park for comparison.  

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