Hurricane Irma Debris Collection Update

Hurricane Irma Debris Collection Update

OCT 9 Debris Collection Update:
As of Sunday night, the City of Miami Springs had collected 63,800 cubic yards of debris or roughly 51% of the estimated 125,000 total cubic yards of debris created by Hurricane Irma.

According to the City,  the Contractor has three trucks working Apache, Nightingale and Oriole areas. One truck is working the east side of Circle and another truck is working  the west side of the Circle.

City crews are working Lenape towards Ludlam on Corydon, Whitehorn and Melrose Drives.


OCT 3:
Hurricane Irma Debris Collection Update:  According to the City of Miami Springs, the city has collected 46,947 cubic yards of debris as of Monday, October 2nd.   That’s about 38% of the estimated 125,000 total cubic yards of debris created by the storm in Miami Springs (according to The Miami Herald).

Today, the FEMA contractors are picking up the area of South Royal Poinciana to NW 36th St between Minola Dr and Palmetto Dr.

Swale Clean Up

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