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Did you know that our area is the birthplace of U.S. Marine Corps Aviation? Under the leadership of Floridia-born Captain Roy S. Geiger, who was the fifth Marine pilot, the “old Curtiss Flying Field” (as it was initially referred to in USMC documents) on the Miami River became the first Marine airbase, housing all four squadrons who are also memorialized by this monument on Curtiss Parkway. Bombing and strafing practice was done over the Miami River Canal and where the nearby Miami Springs Golf Course is today. The 135 Marines trained here served in France and the Azores during WWI.

Geiger went on to become one of the most distinguished aviators in Marine aviation history and one of its greatest pilots. His career spanned active combat in every significant Marine Corps action around the world until his death in 1947. In the battle of Okinawa he became the only Marine ever to command a field army, and, in addition to numerous decorations during his lifetime, he was promoted to four-star rank posthumously.

Just as the Marine Corps are looking for “a few good men”, a community all-volunteer Roy S. Geiger Memorial Renovation Committee is looking for a few (or many!) good donors. Your help is requested to help build a new base for this important monument and spruce up the landscaping. All funding will be private, and is being collected by our 501(c)(3) Historical Society on behalf of this citizen effort. If you would like to make a donation, please send a check payable to “Miami Springs Historical Society – Geiger Memorial Fund” to the Miami Springs Historical Society, P.O. Box 60175, Miami Springs, FL 33266. If you would like additional information, call Eric at 305.297.4983, or speak with any of the volunteer Monument Committee members: Eric and Ada Richey, Art Jansik, Manny Perez-Vichot, James Watson, Greg and Carol Cates and Irene Priess.


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